Dr Steve Mackie Award Recipients

In 2024, the Best Extended Abstract Awawrd was rename to the Dr Steve Mackie Award. Dr Mackie was was the Technical Program Committee Chair, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for 17 years (2007 – 2024).

In 2008, the Technical Program Committee, introduced the concept of an Extended Abstract. An extended abstract is a short research paper whose ideas and significance can be understood in less than an hour. This award is given to the Extended Abstract judged the best by the Technical Program Committee and which is published in Supplement 1 of the Australian Energy Producers Journal.

The recipients of the Dr Steve Mackie Award are:

Analysis of an Existing Hydrocarbon Gas Pipeline for conversion to dense phase CO2 service
Authored by David Levy (ExxonMobil)


The recipients of the Best Extended Abstract Award are:

Carbon Capture and Storage’s Role within Australia’s Energy Transition: Necessary, Safe, and Reliable
Authored by Matthias Raab and Geoffrey O’Brien (CO2CRC)

Extracting events from Daily Drilling Reports using Fuzzy String Matching
Authored by Mariana S. Oliveira, Adriano Mourthe, Maria Clara Duque (Intelie)

Storing CO2 in buried volcanoes
Authored by Simon Holford (ASPER), Nick Schofield (University of Aberdeen), Mark Bunch (ASPER), Alan Bischoff (University of Canterbury) and Ernest Swierczek (ASPER)

Dorado Discovery – unlocking a major new oil and gas play in the Bedout Sub-basin
Authored by Melissa Thompson (Santos)

Gas markets – a bridge too far?
Authored by Graeme Bethune and Rick Wilkinson (EnergyQuest)

Unravelling the Triassic Mungaroo Formation within North Carnarvon Basin using Regional Stratal Slice Volumes
Authored by Tony Marsh, Bill Kowalik, Rhonda Welch, Anne Powell, Heidi Howe and BillHallager (Chevron)

Integrated petroleum systems analysis to understand the source of fluids in the Browse Basin, Australia
Authored by Tehani Palu, Lisa Hall, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Dianne Edwards, Nadege Rollet, Karen Higgins, Christopher Boreham, Andrew Murray, Duy Nguyen, Kamal Khider and Tamara Buckler (Geoscience Australia)

Evaluating potential coal seam gas impacts to the Condamine Alluvium: an example of successful community involvement
Authored by Simon Gossmann, Stephen Denner, St.John Herbert (Arrow Energy Pty Ltd), Sanjeev Pandey (Klohn Crippen Berger), Randall Cox, Mark Gallagher and Josh Moncrieff (Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment, Queensland Government)

Time-lapse seismic monitoring methodologies applied to the Pyrenees Field, offshore Western Australia
Authored by Ramses Meza, Guy Duncan, Konstantinos Kostas, Stanislav Kuzmin, Mauricio Florez, Tom Perrett and James Stewart (BHP Billiton Petroleum)

Using palaeogeographic reconstructions to understand lithological variability within the Early Cretaceous Gage Sandstone and South Perth Shale in the Vlaming Sub- Basin, offshore southern Perth Basin
Authored by Megan Lech, Chris Southby, David Lescinsky, Liuqi Wang, Diane Jorgensen, Irina Borissova and Stephen Johnston (Geoscience Australia)

Discovery to development: a subsurface case history of the Kitan Oil Field, Timor Sea, Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA), Timor-Leste and Australia
Authored by Dave Wheller, Grant Ellis, Yohan Suhardiman, Ryosuke Yokote (Eni Australia), Doani Selvaggi (Eni Indonesia), Joseph Derrij and Giuseppe Maniscalco (Eni Australia)

The Nappamerri Trough, Cooper Basin unconventional plays: proving a hypothesis
Authored by Carrie Trembath, Lindsay Elliott and Mark Pitkin (Beach Energy)