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Equinox Australia
Level 4, 145 Eagle Street
Brisbane, Queensland

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Equinox Engineering Ltd is a world class provider of engineering services for the oil and gas marketplace, both in Australia and worldwide, and best known for its expertise in onshore Gas Processing and Carbon Capture experts.

Founded in Calgary back in 1997, Equinox has executed over 5,000 projects around the world – with offices in Calgary (Canada), Brisbane (Australia), Pittsburg and Houston (USA) and Pune (India).

Its key offices are located in Calgary and Brisbane and ensure the company can offer the best of North American and Australian engineering know-how to incorporate the latest proven technologies to optimise gas processing and CCS facilities design.

As a mid-sized engineering corporation that is employee owned and operated, it prides itself on being nimble, flexible in its approach and able to lean in its execution.

Since 2010, Equinox has been working with clients in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, providing engineering, procurement and construction management services.

In Australia, its Brisbane office is focused on onshore gas processing projects for coal seam gas and unconventional gas together with emerging technologies such as carbon capture and hydrogen.

Equinox has world class experience with the design of large conventional and unconventional wellsite programs, gathering and pipelines, oil battery, EPT, gas compression facilities, gas processing (amine plants, liquid scavenging, dewpoint control, sulphur plants, acid gas injection, etc.) and liquids recovery facilities (refrigeration, turbo expanders, IPOR, etc.).

The company’s core competencies also extend to sales pipelines and associated infrastructure, such as power generation, water treatment and support buildings.

Equinox President and CEO Sunny Sharma says: “… Our team exceeds expectations in delivering the most cost-effective solutions across the entire Gas Processing or CCS Value Chain. We have the people, experience and can-do attitude that drives innovative and cost-effective designs that are highly-executable,” he said.

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