Allocation of Sponsorships Guidelines

Guidelines for the allocation of sponsorships for the Australian Energy Producers Conference & Exhibition, May 2024 

  1. Member companies are always given first rights on any sponsorship item over a non-member company.
  2. Sponsoring companies from the previous year will be given first right of refusal on their sponsored item, and this may be confirmed prior to the release of the sponsorship prospectus to market.
  3. In relation to other Conference and Exhibition sponsorships, they will be awarded by an online application system at Applicants will be allowed to nominate up to 6 preferences. While the allocation of sponsorship items will generally be on a first come, first serve basis, Australian Energy Producers reserves the right to allocate sponsorships as it sees appropriate in recognition of previous commitment to the event and the special circumstances that are associated with each Conference. In particular, Australian Energy Producers will place a high priority on a long-term commitment to the event and special factors associated with the Conference host city, such as whether a potential sponsor has a significant presence in the host city.
  4. Australian Energy Producers reserves the right to make the final decision on all sponsorship allocations.
  5. Information provided to Australian Energy Producers by parties as part of the bidding or sponsorship processes will be treated as confidential information.


Further Information 

Julie Hood 
General Manager Events & Member Relations
Australian Energy Producers
+61 412 998 474
[email protected] 

Jason Avery-Rossi
Member Relations & Events Manager
Australian Energy Producers
+61 417 976 083
[email protected]



Correct at time of publication, 27 October 2023.