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Honeywell Process Solutions
2101 Citywest Boulevard
Houston, Texas

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Honeywell stands out for its unparalleled local engineering expertise, supported by a global network, delivering innovative technologies to address key business challenges. Operating in every capital city and region, we offer a wide array of equipment solutions across diverse sectors: airports, energy, utilities, premium commercial enterprises, defense, healthcare, transportation infrastructure, and ICT services, catering to both private and public sector clients.

Our journey includes groundbreaking work in distributed control systems and cutting-edge security and early detection monitoring for asset performance, particularly in government, defence, and large-scale projects. Through these initiatives, Honeywell continually cements its position as a leader in innovation, focusing on enhancing safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Honeywell has been a significant player in Australia and New Zealand since 1962, offering solutions to businesses, industries, and consumers. With over 1,500 employees across 28 offices, we have grown into a diverse leader in technology and manufacturing. Our service portfolio spans various industries, including Aerospace, Integrated Connected Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Industrial sectors, Safety, Security, and Performance Materials.

To provide our customers with comprehensive automation solutions, Honeywell actively engages in strategic acquisitions, ensuring we stay at the forefront of our industry and continually expand our offerings.

Our services cover the full spectrum of automation projects. From engineering and design to installation, start-up, and ongoing maintenance support, Honeywell offers the expertise and resources necessary to collaborate with customers throughout all phases of their automation projects, enhancing project execution efficiency.

Key Industry Solutions:

Utilities: We lead the way in the evolving energy landscape, focusing on reducing CO2 emissions, enhancing the energy grid's lifespan, and fostering energy equity. Our solutions in carbon capture, energy storage, H2 solutions, integrated SCADA solutions, microgrid controls, and virtual power plants emphasize long-term resilience and sustainability.

Energy: We provide advanced technology solutions for energy and industrial companies seeking more efficient, reliable, and cleaner options. Our offerings in cybersecurity, energy transition, enterprise performance management, and renewables aim to shape the energy transition while achieving environmental, social, and governance goals.

Life Sciences: In the dynamic field of Life Sciences, we focus on improving patient experiences through regulatory compliance and precision medicine, addressing aspects like quality, compliance, supply chain management, sustainability, productivity, and digital transformation.

Manufacturing: To meet the complex demands of modern manufacturing, we offer a range of automation, health, and safety solutions.

Power and Water: Our advanced control and monitoring solutions for power and water facilities focus on optimizing operations, maintaining data integrity, and ensuring security.

Sheet Manufacturing: We provide solutions for sheet manufacturers to enhance production stability, quality, and energy efficiency, including specialized technologies for battery manufacturing, pulp & paper, and continuous web operations.

Honeywell's broad and innovative range of solutions across these industries reflects our dedication to leading technological advancements, sustainability, and efficiency. Our expertise uniquely positions us to address the challenges of a rapidly changing industrial landscape.

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