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Bureau Veritas
Level 11, 500 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria

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Since 1828, Bureau Veritas has grown and established itself as a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification services (TIC). We provide a wide range of services and innovative solutions that enables our clients to enhance their performance and to ensure that they meet the standards and regulations for quality, health and safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Today, Bureau Veritas Australia & New Zealand boasts an unrivalled expertise, operating within 5 Countries in 6 States & Territories with more than 2,200 employees across 50 offices and laboratories and supporting over 1,600 clients in the Pacific region. As a Business to Business to Society (B2B2S) company, with a clear focus on serving our clients, our work is driven by the needs of society, and we strive to empower our clients to identify and tackle challenges while recognising opportunities that can strengthen their brand and reputation. Our goal is to make a positive impact by contributing to the transformation of the world we live in.

We provide a broad portfolio of services throughout Australia & New Zealand through our highly dedicated team that comprehends your unique business requirements and develops tailored solutions that will aid you in achieving your objectives. Our top priority is to enable you to fulfil your goals with accountability and credibility, which will enhance your brand and reputation. Our unrivalled proficiency, technical expertise, and extensive presence ensure that we can assist you at any stage of your journey.

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