Program Themes

The Australian Energy Producers Conference is a multidisciplinary conference covering all areas of the upstream energy industry. The themes for the technical and business program are chosen by the Technical Program Committee based on the number of submissions within a given theme. This ensures the program is both current and relevant for attending industry and stakeholder delegates.

The list below provides guidance on potential themes and topics when submitting:

Business Performance & Governance

  • Business continuity and resilience through global challenges
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Accessing the right skills including STEM
  • Building and retaining the social license to operate
  • Land access initiatives
  • Making the industry an employer of choice –attracting and retaining talent
  • Innovation and leadership
  • Regulation and approvals strategy
  • Driving productivity improvements
  • Industrial relations
  • Operating in the context of Environment, Social and Governance frameworks

Emission Reductions

  • Innovation and technology for emissions reduction
  • Integrated energy – synergies between oil and gas, renewables, and future fuels
  • CCUS and hydrogen
  • The role of hydrocarbons in the energy transition
  • Managing methane
  • Innovation and commercialising at scale
  • Climate change and innovation policy


  • New technologies (surface & subsurface)
  • Process safety
  • Novel applications
  • Increasing oil recovery
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • New development projects coming on stream
  • Plant upgrades
  • Drilling and pipeline technologies


  • New exploration areas (e.g. Beetaloo and Roebuck basins) and ideas
  • New discoveries
  • Unconventional petroleum
  • Innovative appraisal concepts
  • Research and development in geophysics
  • Petrophysics and geology applications
  • Petroleum systems
  • Access to resources
  • Frontier basins

Health, Safety and Environment

  • Innovation in decommissioning
  • Improving environmental performance and regulation
  • Harassment & sexual harassment
  • Improving safety performance and regulation
  • Environmental stewardship and rehabilitation
  • Mental health and safety initiatives in the workplace
  • Cultural heritage and traditional owner engagement


  • Access to capital
  • Attracting investment for hydrocarbon projects
  • Impact of regulatory uncertainty and government intervention
  • Energy security up to 2050 and beyond
  • Australia’s role in LNG
  • Gas pricing and energy policy
  • Domestic reservations
  • Market design
  • Building better customer relationships
  • Outlook for global oil and LNG markets
  • Strengthening domestic demand
  • Improving supply chain connectivity
  • Future fuels pathways (e.g., hydrogen exports)


The Program Themes are listed in alphabetical order. The order does not depict importance or preference.