Best Extended Abstract Award Recipients

In recognition of the amount of time required to write and publish a technical journal article (peer-reviewed paper) to be presented at the annual Conference and published in The APPEA Journal*, the Technical Program Committee in 2008, introduced the concept of an Extended Abstract. An extended abstract is a short research paper whose ideas and significance can be understood in less than an hour. This award is given to the Extended Abstract judged the best by the Technical Program Committee and which is now published in Supplement 1 of The APPEA Journal*.

*The APPEA Journal will be known as The Australian Energy Producers Journal from volume 64, 2024.

The recipients of the Best Extended Abstract Award are:

Carbon Capture and Storage’s Role within Australia’s Energy Transition: Necessary, Safe, and Reliable
Presented by Matthias Raab, CO2CRC
Authored by Matthias Raab, CO2CRC; Geoffrey O’Brien, CO2CRC

Extracting events from Daily Drilling Reports using Fuzzy String Matching
Presented by Maria Clara Duque, Intelie & Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO)
Authored by Mariana S Oliveira, Intelie & Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO); Adriano Mourthe, Intelie & Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO); Maria Clara Duque, Intelie & Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

Storing CO2 in buried volcanoes
Presented by Simon Holford, The University of Adelaide
Authored by Simon Holford, The University of Adelaide; Nick Schofield, University of Aberdeen; Mark Bunch, The University of Adelaide; Alan Bischoff, University of Canterbury; Ernest Swierczek, The University of Adelaide

Dorado Discovery – unlocking a major new oil and gas play in the Bedout Sub-basin
Authored by Melissa Thompson, Santos Ltd
No presentation due to APPEA 2020 not proceeding, due to COVID restrictions

Gas markets — a bridge too far?
Presented by Rick Wilkinson, EnergyQuest
Authored by Graeme Bethune, EnergyQuest; Rick Wilkinson, EnergyQuest

Unravelling the Triassic Mungaroo Formation within the North Carnarvon Basin using Regional Stratal Slice Volumes
Presented by Tony Marsh, Chevron Australia
Authored by Tony Marsh, Chevron Australia; Bill Kowalik, Chevron Australia; Rhonda Welch, Chevron Energy Technology; Anne Powell, Chevron Australia; Heidi Howe, Independent consultant; Bill Hallager, Chevron Australia

Integrated petroleum systems analysis to understand the source of fluids in the Browse Basin, Australia
Presented by Emmanuelle Grosjean, Geoscience Australia
Authored by Tehani Palu, Geoscience Australia; Lisa Hall, Geoscience Australia; Emmanuelle Grosjean, Geoscience Australia; Dianne Edwards, Geoscience Australia; Nadege Rollet, Geoscience Australia; Karen Higgins, Geoscience Australia; Christopher Boreham, Geoscience Australia; Andrew Murray, Murray Partners; Duy Nguyen, Geoscience Australia; Kamal Khider, Geoscience Australia; Tamara Buckler, Geoscience Australia