Exhibition Rigging

The APPEA Exhibition is a dynamic and colourful showcase of the industry and to achieve this, stands at the APPEA 2023 Exhibition can use all levels of rigging to enhance their presentation on the show floor.

The stands marked on the plan via the key (see below) as ‘Indicates where complicated rigging should be checked with the venue’ are in a zone where rigging requirements / especially complicated rigging requirements are recommended to be checked / discussed with the venue, prior to booking. Some of these zones require more infrastructure to support rigging truss.

The Adelaide Convention Centre has a designated team to assist APPEA Exhibitors in their planning stages, through to the rigging onsite. For more details please contact:
Rosa Ockleshaw
Technology Planner – Exhibitions
Adelaide Convention Centre
t +61 8 8210 6672
e [email protected]


APPEA 2023 Exhibition floorplan

Floorplan correct as at 13 October 2022, subject to change.


General Exhibition Queries

Alison Daykin
The Event Gap, Exhibition Liaison
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